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Growing with AGGRAND


Wheat and Small Grains

The most significant factor in achieving a high yield of grain and/or forage in wheat is stand establishment. Planting high-quality seed of an adapted wheat variety in a fertile, well-prepared seedbed with enough moisture to achieve a rapid, uniform stand is an important step in attaining acceptable yields.


Post-Harvest (if desired)


Per-acre mix ratio:


1 gallon AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer and 35 gallons of water. T ill in with stubble or crop residue in late summer.




Per-acre mix ratio:


1 gallon AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer, 1 gallon AGGRAND Natural Liquid Lime and 75 gallons of water. Apply as a fine mist to thoroughly cover foliage. Apply in spring, after green-up and at tillering.


2 gallons AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer and 75 gallons of water. Applied as a foliar application at flag leaf, before heading (boot-up). Add 0.5 gallons AGGRAND Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash to the mix to enhance grain quality.


Low organic matter levels in soils can be gradually improved by incorporating crop residues into the soil.


Rates vary according to soil fertility and other inputs used. Higher dilution rates are more effective than lower dilution rates. Two or three lighter applications may be more effective than one heavy application. If other constraints only allow one trip over the field, do not exceed a 3 percent dilution rate (3 gallons AGGRAND fertilizers to 97 gallons water).


To reduce susceptibility to attack of insects and disease-causing organisms, apply a per-acre mixture of 1 gallon AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer and 35 gallons of water when signs of infestation become apparent.