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AGGRAND videos provide an educational resource for our natural fertilizer customers.

AGGRAND Growth Plot interview

AGGRAND Research and Development Manager Richard Holappa provides a brief overview of the AGGRAND 2012 Vegetable Productivity Study. See the results of head-to-head comparisons of growth plots fertilized with AGGRAND fertilizers and competing products.

Published on Apr 24, 2013

Applying AGGRAND Natural Fertilizers on Agricultural Applications

This brief follow-up video to applying AGGRAND fertilizers in homeowner applications addresses methods of applying AGGRAND fertilizers in larger, agricultural applications.

Posted November 08, 2012

 Applying AGGRAND Natural Fertilizers

AGGRAND fertilizers can be mixed and applied using a variety of simple and effective methods. This short video demonstrates how to apply AGGRAND fertilizers to household applications, including trees, garden plants and lawns. Information for applying to large agricultural applications is also provided. This is a great introductory video for Dealers seeking to demonstrate how easy it is to use AGGRAND products regardless of the application.

Posted November 16, 2011

 2011 Vegetable Productivity Study

The 2011 AGGRAND Vegetable Productivity Study is part of a long term program to provide quantifiable crop growth, yield and soil analysis comparisons over an extended number of growing seasons. This presentation covers research tools, soil sampling and featured yield comparisons between plots using AGGRAND fertilizer and a leading organic fertilizer.

Posted March 08, 2012

2010 Vegetable Productivity Study

Highlights how the AGGRAND fertilization program provides a clear advantage over the leading chemical fertilizer. It covers the purpose of the 2010 AGGRAND Vegetable Productivity Study, describes the construction of the growth plots and gives details on the planting, care and harvest of the vegetables. It also covers the importance and benefits of soil sampling. The results of this study show the outstanding performance and yields that the AGGRAND fertilization program provides, which gives you the ultimate tool for growing your AGGRAND sales.

Posted April 29, 2011

 AGGRAND Wildlife Food Plot Presentation

 Wildlife food plots are a great way to enhance the habitat for your favorite animals as well as give an added nutritional boost to wildlife in general. This presentation will give tips on how to develop a wildlife food plot. Get information on the recommended size and location as well as preparation and soil care of the land to be used. A short video is included detailing the steps to be taken when establishing your own food plot with the recommended AGGRAND products to make your food plot flourish.

Posted July 28, 2011

 Soil Sample Analysis

Explanation and demonstration of the AGGRAND soil sampling and analysis procedure. This video will explain why soil sampling and analysis is the perfect complement to a sustainable natural fertilization regimen.

Posted November 2, 2010