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Boom Sprayer Presentation

Build a boom sprayer that is simple, versatile and maximizes the effectiveness of AGGRAND products.

Drip Tape Application Study

Due to inquiries from AGGRAND Dealers and customers regarding the potential of clogging irrigation tape when AGGRAND product 4-3-3 and 0-12-0 are incorporated into the watering system, it was decided to evaluate an off-the-shelf product to determine if blockage of the orifices would occur.

Nozzle Recommendations to Avoid Plugging


Spraying AGGRAND fertilizers is an effective way to evenly distribute the products over a large area. Routine maintenance is required with most spray nozzles, whether on commercial-grade sprayers or those designed for homeowners, to prevent clogging caused by the products applied, contaminants in the water, mineral buildup, sand, sediment, and other debris.


For best performance select nozzles that deliver coarse to extra coarse droplet size. Coarse droplet size lends itself well to AGGRAND liquid fertilizers and reduces drift of product applications into unintended areas. To reduce the possibility of spray nozzle clogging, it is best to remove the screens before employing sprayers, whether they are large field sprayers or small backpack or hand held sprayers.


For field sprayers, AGGRAND has found the use of the following TeeJet® Technologies spray nozzles effective: XR TeeJet®, Turbo FloodJet® and StreamJet®. If your system or sprayer has an owner’s manual available or is covered under warranty, refer to the recommendations of the manufacturer as any alterations without the manufacturer’s consent may void the warranty.

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