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OMEGAGrow effectiveness tests of AGGRAND

Effectiveness of AGGRAND in Agricultural Crop Production Systems



Growing with AGGRAND

A good general-purpose growing guide for those who are new to organic fertilizers.



Houseplants the AGGRAND Way

This is an easy-to-use guide that contains information and growing tips for using AGGRAND in houseplant applications.



Product Application Tips

Learn product application tips from the experts at AGGRAND.



Easy Steps To Organic Lawn Care

Consult the AGGRAND Lawn Care Guide to learn the best treatment rates for yard applications.



The Gardening Guide

Learn how to apply and combine AGGRAND fertilizer products for outstanding results in gardening applications.



Converting To An Organic, Sustainable Cropping System

Learn more about creating a sustainable cropping system for farms by using to AGGRAND natural fertilizers.



Foliar Feeding

Foliar feeding can be a great way to fertilize leafy plants. This guide covers AGGRAND treatment rates and application tips for this technique.



Fish Emulsion vs Hyrdolysate

Discusses the benefits of AGGRAND fish emulsion-based fertilizer over fish hydrolysate-based fertilizers. While both forms provide acceptable performance, emulsion-based fertilizers are more concentrated and uniform than hydrolysate-based fertilizers and deliver optimum performance.



Organic vs. Chemical Lawn Care

This brochure discusses why organic fertilizers outperform chemical fertilizers.



Soil Fertility Guide

Use the AGGRAND soil fertility guide to determine your best growing conditions.



AGGRAND Crop Guide

Learn the correct application rates and methods to get the most out of any crop with AGGRAND fertilizers.



Hay & Pasture Guide

Hay and pasture applications require special treatment and fertilizer application techniques. Learn what AGGRAND has to offer with this informative guide.



2010 Vegetable Productivity Study

The 2010 AGGRAND growth plot study features analysis data for comparison of growing with AGGRAND fertilizers and a leading inorganic fertilizer.



2011 Vegetable Productivity Study

The 2011 AGGRAND growth plot study features analysis data for comparison of growing with AGGRAND fertilizers and a leading organic fish/kelp fertilizer.



2012 AGGRAND Testimonials

Features six testimonials of AGGRAND product usage.



2012 Vegetable Productivity Study

Since 2010, AGGRAND has conducted a Vegetable Productivity Study as part of a long-term study to provide quantifiable crop growth, yield and soil-analysis comparisons.



2013 AGGRAND Vegetable Productivity Study

This annual study reports the yield and soil-building benefits of using AGGRAND fertilizer products, and their timed applications.