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Houseplants the AGGRAND Way

AGGRAND has developed an excellent fertility program for houseplant enthusiasts.

Our natural products can make you look like an expert without a lot of fuss.

Houseplants depend on you

to supply their needs:


Apply AGGRAND products regularly.


Apply organic matter twice a year.


Leach the pots with plenty of water twice a year.


Apply enough water, but do not over-water.


Re-pot the plants every couple of years.

My empire of dirt...

What you need to do the job right:


A one-gallon capacity watering can with a long spout


 AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer


 AGGRAND Natural Liquid Bonemeal


 AGGRAND Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash


 AGGRAND Natural Liquid Lime


A bag of earthworm castings, quality compost or composted manure


A bag or two of potting mix containing sphagnum peat moss, perlite, vermiculite, sand or sandy loam soil and/or pumice (Mix should be pH adjusted to 6.0 to 7.0 for most plants. Nurseries usually sell in-house mixes that are inexpensive and high quality. Try to get one without time-release fertilizer added.)


Pots of various sizes (Make sure they have drainage holes)


A small hand spade


A tub for mixing soil

When to Apply AGGRAND


Apply AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer every two weeks in summer and every four weeks in winter. (For cacti, apply a very weak solution several times a year).


Apply AGGRAND Natural Liquid Bonemeal several times at monthly intervals in spring and fall.


Some plants will flower at certain times of year or even continuously when AGGRAND Natural Liquid Bonemeal is applied regularly. (Every month in summer and every two months in winter).



Apply AGGRAND Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash sparingly along with the AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer every month in summer and every two months in winter.



Apply AGGRAND Liquid Lime every month in summer and every two months in winter.



There is no need to apply AGGRAND Natural Liquid Lime when using AGGRAND Natural Liquid Bonemeal in spring and fall or during periods of flowering. (AGGRAND Natural Liquid Bonemeal also supplies calcium.)



In spring and fall place potted plants in sink and leach with plenty of fresh water. (At least one gallon of water for each gallon of soil)



Top-dress the pots with compost or earthworm castings once in spring and once in fall after leaching. (Use one cup for each gallon of soil)


When potting or re-potting plants, blend in one cup of compost or earthworm castings per gallon of soil; wet soil while in mixing tub with a solution of AGGRAND Natural Liquid Lime and AGGRAND Natural Liquid Bonemeal until soil is well watered; after the plant is potted, water it in with a weak solution of AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer.


AGGRAND Mix Rates (1 oz. fertilizer per 1 gallon of water)

liquid fertilizer mix ratios

Apply one cup of fertilizer solution per gallon of soil; make sure plants are well-watered between fertilizations (Some plants like moist soil at all times while others respond better when soil dries out more between waterings). Two tablespoons = 1 oz.