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 Hose-End Sprayer

The Hose End Sprayer fits quart containers of  AGGRAND fertilizers and makes product application convenient and efficient.

Hose End Sprayer Tips


For those of you who use the hose end sprayer with the quart bottles of AGGRAND liquid fertilizers, we have some tips for you. Many of these tips have come from customers out in the field:


1. Drill the hole in the top of the hose end sprayer (that attaches to the straw that goes inside the bottle) a little bigger. This increases the vacuum drawing power from the bottle.


2. Putting your thumb on the "straw" hole (the hole where the straw is inserted) while the water is flowing and then rapidly removing your thumb helps dislodge any particles that may be plugging the sprayer.


3. Shaking the bottle while applying AGGRAND keeps the liquid in suspension for easier application.


4. Run the water in the hose at low to moderate pressure, as this helps draw out the fertilizer. It is not necessary to run your hose at a high pressure.


5. You can dilute the AGGRAND fertilizer with one-half water and one-half AGGRAND (in the bottle). Pour the remaining AGGRAND into another container to use when the original bottle is empty.

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