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Growing with AGGRAND


Hay and Pasture

Mixed grass/legume production as it relates to permanent cultures on acid clay soils in the eastern U.S. and Pacific Northwest has special fertility requirements. These soils tend to contain high to excessive amounts of magnesium and low to deficient amounts of calcium. The percentages of magnesium and calcium must be adjusted to increase soil aeration, allowing higher levels of biological activity to increase and sustain high productivity levels (the biology follows the chemistry).


In general, one ton of gypsum and one ton of high-calcium lime applied per acre during field renovation can increase aeration and improve drainage on clay soils for several years. After gypsum is tilled into the soil, irrigate or allow several inches of rain to fall to leach the magnesium from the soil before applying lime. Some farmers have reported that the soil chemistry stays in balance with very little change over long periods when AGGRAND fertilizers are used in conjunction with the balancing of soil chemistry.


Foliar Applicationsstraw bales, commercial baling


Per-acre mix ratio:


1 gallon AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer, 1 gallon AGGRAND Natural Liquid Bonemeal, 1 quart AGGRAND Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash and 75 gallons of water. Apply as a fine mist with enough solution to thoroughly cover leaves. Perform first application in spring when plants are 4-6” in height. Adjust solution according to soil fertility.


Repeat application when crop begins to regrow (4-6” in height) and after each cutting or grazing (on rotationally grazed pastures). Perform 2-3 applications per year. If soil testing indicates low to moderate magnesium levels, substitute AGGRAND Liquid Lime for AGGRAND Bonemeal.


Rates vary according to soil fertility, cropping history, and other inputs that are applied. Lower dilution rates are more effective than higher dilution rates. Two or three lighter applications may be more effective than one or two heavier applications. If other constraints allow only one trip over the field, do not exceed a 3 percent dilution rate (3 gallons AGGRAND fertilizers to 97 gallons water).


To reduce susceptibility to attack of insect and disease-causing organisms, apply a per-acre mixture of 1-2 gallons AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer or 1 quart AGGRAND Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash and 35 gallons of water when signs of infestation become apparent.


Pre-Plant Soil Applications


Per-acre mix ratio:


3-6 gallons AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer and 50-100 gallons of water. Apply after seedbed preparation. Drag lightly after application