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Growing with AGGRAND


Greenhouse Tomatoes

Greenhouse tomato production requires sufficient levels of macro- and micronutrients to set fruit; calcium and potassium are especially critical. Insufficient levels of these nutrients result in diseased plants and poor-quality fruit.


Development of an organic growing system that stimulates rapid early growth and development is critical. The addition of aerobically composted (or other) material, worm castings or used potting mix, inoculates the media with micro-organisms. The microorganisms convert the natural fertilizer nutrients and fix atmospheric nitrogen into plant-available nutrients which speeds plant growth and development.


Planting Mix


- Mix peat moss, perlite, and coarse vermiculite in a 2:1:1 ratio.


- Substitute sandy loam, pumice, compost, castings, and etc. for part or all of the vermiculite.


- Add 5 lbs of high calcium lime and 2.5 lbs of dolomite lime to one cubic yard of mix.


- Soak the media with enough water to thoroughly wet the peat moss. Mix 1 gallon of AGGRAND Natural Liquid Lime, and 1 qt. of AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer with the water and add to one cubic yard of mix. Use a wetting agent to aid in wetting the mix. Add a biological activator to further stimulate biological activity.


- Up to 1/3 used mix may be substituted for new mix. Blend them together after steps 1-4 are complete. Allow the mix to sit for several weeks before planting.


Soil Applications


Begin fertilizing the soil once seedlings have emerged and have developed 2-3 true leaves. AGGRAND products can be applied through greenhouse injection or mixed in a bucket and applied with a watering can. Rates are given for weekly applications. Adjust rates accordingly when applying more or less often.


Mix 1.5 ounces AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer, 1 ounce AGGRAND Natural Liquid Bonemeal, 0.5 ounces AGGRAND Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash and 1gallon of water. Apply 1 cup of solution to each gallon of media. Keep well-watered between fertilizations. Leach the media with plenty of fresh water every 8 weeks or at least once during the growing cycle.


Foliar Applications


AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer can be applied to the leaves of greenhouse tomatoes to supply additional nutrients. Mix 1 ounces AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer and 1 gallon of water. Apply as a fine mist to the tops and bottoms of the leaves. Apply enough solution to wet the leaf surfaces. Apply in 14-21 day intervals after the plants reach 2-3 true leaves. The critical stages for foliar applications are after the development of 2-3 true leaves, pre-bloom and early cluster formation.


Rates vary according to other inputs that are applied. Lower dilution rates are more effective than higher dilution rates. Two or three lighter applications may be more effective than one or two heavier applications. If other constraints only allow one application, do not exceed a 3 percent dilution rate (4 ounces AGGRAND fertilizers to 1 gallon water).


To reduce susceptibility to attack of insects and disease-causing organisms, apply a mixture of 2 ounces AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer or 1 ounce AGGRAND Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash and 1 gallon of water when signs of infestation become apparent.