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Growing with AGGRAND

The AGGRAND Crop Guide provides general guidelines for the application of AGGRAND fertilizers on a variety of crops. Each growing scenario is unique and there is no way to account for different soil types, regional weather patterns, crop varieties or other factors specific to individual situations, so a one-size-fits-all recommendation does not ensure maximum results. To obtain the most comprehensive understanding of the nutrient levels and crop requirements of a particular soil, AGGRAND recommends conducting a soil analysis before determining a fertilization program. Soil Analysis Kits are available from AGGRAND at a nominal cost. Samples are analyzed at an independent laboratory and the results are shared with the AGGRAND Technical Department. AGGRAND staff will analyze the results and contact the customer to provide custom fertilization program recommendations.


General Field Application Tips

AGGRAND products should be diluted with water prior to application. Once diluted, the mixed product should be applied immediately. Do not store diluted fertilizer for more than 48 hours. All AGGRAND products are filtered at the point of manufacture; however, AGGRAND products are liquid suspensions and some settling will occur. Agitation prior to addition to the spray tank and any in-tank agitation are beneficial. Routine maintenance is required with most spray nozzles, whether they are commercial-grade or designed for homeowners, due to clogging caused by the products applied, contaminants in the water, mineral buildup, sand, sediment and other debris.


For best performance, select nozzles that deliver coarse to extra-coarse droplet size. Coarse droplets lend themselves well to AGGRAND products and reduce the tendency for product applications to drift into unintended areas. To reduce spray nozzle clogging in field, backpack or hand held sprayers, remove the screen(s) from just before the end of the nozzle. AGGRAND recommends the following TeeJet® Technologies spray nozzles for field sprayers: XR TeeJet; Turbo FloodJet and StreamJet Series 7.5, 5 and 4. Always consult the manufacturer’s recommendations in the unit’s owner’s manual.


In foliar applications, the addition of a biodegradable surfactant can improve results by increasing adhesion to the leaf surface. For best results apply AGGRAND fertilizers out of direct sun in early morning or late evening. Do not apply before or after rainfall or irrigation.

Product Shelf Life


For best results, AGGRAND recommends the following:


1. Store AGGRAND natural fertilizers in a cool, clean and dry indoor area out of direct sunlight.


2. The ideal storage temperature is between 50°F and 80°F.


3. When storing drums or totes for extended periods of time, always keep them sealed tightly to prevent foreign material and moisture from entering. To avoid contamination from improper handling, be sure to wipe off tops and edges of containers before opening.


4. Extreme heat (above 100°F) or extreme cold (below 32°F) can affect liquid fertilizer stability and lead to product separation. Rapidly fluctuating temperatures can lead to water condensation and contamination within the container. Water contamination can promote microbial growth in the products.


5. Periodic agitation of product in storage is recommended to maintain best suspension and pour-ability at time of use.


6. Contact with the airspace in the head of containers can cause drying and caking of product. To minimize this issue, always keep containers sealed tightly when not in use.


Common signs of improper storage, contamination or shelf life concern may include the following:


1. Dried particulates within the fluid


2. Separation of the liquids and solids within the package


3. Bloating or swelling of the packaging


If the fluid and solid portions have separated and cannot be agitated back into a smooth pourable suspension, the shelf life of the product may have been exceeded. If the product has become unusable, it is advised to dispose of it properly.



Generally, under the ideal storage conditions listed above, AGGRAND product shelf life can be quite long. The following time frames are offered as a general guideline:


Natural Liquid Fertilizer (NOF): 2 years from date of purchase


Fertilizer Organic Series (OSF): 2 years from date of purchase


Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash (NKP): 2 years from date of purchase


Natural Liquid Bonemeal (NBM): 2 years from date of purchase


Natural Liquid Lime (NLL): 1 year from date of purchase


This information is intended to be used as a general guideline and is not a binding performance measurement or contract for AGGRAND products.